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Terms & Conditions


Your purchase is subject to the terms and conditions of Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc noted on all proposals and in the below document. By signing a proposal, making a down payment, or authorizing the ordering of materials for your project, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the conditions of purchase.

All terms, conditions, warranties, and guarantees are applicable to the original purchaser or General Contractor. Commercial installations are subject to the contract guidelines of each individual project and may vary from those terms and conditions provided by Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc.


A 50% deposit for materials, or an approved credit application, is due upon acceptance of a proposal unless otherwise authorized by Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc.  All remaining balances must be paid in FULL before the scheduling of the final inspection and/or the connection of service. For all service calls, payments are due when services are rendered unless prior arrangements have been made. In the event of default of payment or ongoing non-payment, for any reason, Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc will take any legal and ethical measures necessary to collect on a debt including, but not limited to: filing a property lien, involvement of a collection agency, or legal action. All costs of collection of a debt will be added to the amount owed on the original invoice(s).


A proposal, or estimate, is made to the best of the ability of Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc sales representatives and estimators to be an accurate representation of total project cost and scope of work. Proposals are valid for 30 days from date of issuance and are subject to change in the event of manufacturer price increases, labor increases, or unexpected events that may affect the cost of goods or service. A proposal, or estimate, is not a final invoice and may change over the course of installation. At times, unforeseen circumstances may require additional labor, materials, or work beyond what was written and agreed upon in the original proposal document. Additional costs may be incurred in order for the job to be completed or for proper installation. If additional materials or labor are required, you will be made aware of what is needed and the approximate cost associated. The purchaser is responsible for these additional costs with, or without, a change order document being filed.  


Any proposal to furnish material and/or installation of store purchased goods is subject to the availability of materials and is subject to acceptance by the manufacturer/distributor of an order. Any delays caused by manufacturers producing or shipping products will not result in penalties to be paid by Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc. At times, delivery and installation may be delayed because of reasons beyond the control of Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc such as weather, production delays, shipping delays, accidents, and governmental acts.

Buyer agrees that Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc is not responsible for delays or failures in delivery or installation caused by reasons beyond the control of Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc.

Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc has the right to refuse installation/service of products not purchased directly through Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc or if site conditions do not allow for proper installation. Installers have the right to refuse installation if it is deemed, at the discretion of the installer or a Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc representative, that the working environment is not fit for work to be performed. This may include, but is not limited to; environmental concerns, unfit structures for installation, and any variable that could potentially be detrimental to the safety or well-being of those performing work.

Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc installers WILL NOT, perform any unapproved work that is outside of the approved scope, unless a change order has been submitted and approved. Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc will not be liable for any unapproved work.

In some instances, it may be necessary to return materials or receive a refund.  Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc makes every attempt to ensure that the proper amount of material is provided for each installation and service. Some special-order items may be non-returnable or may incur a restocking fee and/or freight charges. Stock materials in unopened and undamaged packaging may be returnable at the discretion of management. A refund may be offered on an accepted proposal if a) materials are a running stock item, or b) if special order materials have not yet left manufacturer or distribution facilities. Any restocking and/or freight charges incurred by Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc in order to issue a refund will be paid by purchaser.


Manufacturer products warranties are included with any purchase that is made through Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc with, installation being provided by a Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc representative. These warranties are covered by either a manufacturer, a product distributor, or both in accordance with the warranty statement provided to buyer on the back of a product, product literature, or an individual manufacturer’s website. No other product specific warranties, either expressed or implied, are provided. Any warranty offered by the manufacturer is direct from the manufacturer and not from Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc. Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc will act as mediator, within reason, in the instance of a manufacturer product defect that results in a warranty claim in order to help reach a solution.  


In addition to brand specific product warranties, Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc offers a 1-year warranty on our craftsmanship and installation for every project, unless noted otherwise on a proposal. It is our goal to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and instill confidence in knowing that by partnering with Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc for your project and low voltage service needs we guarantee that all our work exceeds the industry standards for quality workmanship.

Should you have a warranty issue that is believed to be attributable to installation or a defective product, please contact Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc the issue will be resolved as quick as possible. Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc will inspect and diagnose the problem and will make every attempt, within reason, to resolve an error made during installation or with a defective product. In some instances, a manufacture representative or 3rd party inspector will be brought in to help resolve the issue or come up with a solution that meets industry standards. This warranty is valid only for the original owner-occupant of equipment/materials purchased and installed by Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc. This warranty may be invalidated if problem is due to improper maintenance or cleaning, abuse, excessive moisture, vandalism, alteration, or site conditions that are outside of our control. Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc will not assume additional costs due to inconvenience or displacement of an occupant, or their belongings, while honoring a warranty claim. Warranty work will not begin prior to the full payment of original invoice being received. Terms of payment will apply, including past due finance charges, in the event of a warranty claim found during or directly after initial installation that results in an ongoing non-payment.

Have a question on any of these Terms of Conditions? 901-614-4431, we are here to help.

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